1. Seller – SKY HOPE is registered brand trademarked on United States Patent and Trademnark Office. This brand operates under the company name Aerofoil LLC having its registered in the state of Michigan, USA (286 Woodside Ct, Rochester Hills 48307), +1-248-602-0147 (fees charged as per the operator’s rates), e-mail address: [email protected]

2. Shop – SKY HOPE online shop available at, operated by the Seller being a sales platform, through which the Seller:

provides Shop functionality and services to Users;
solicits conclusion of distance contracts of sale of Goods;
enables Users to become acquainted with the Goods offered by the Shop.

3. Shop Website the website available at

4. Terms and Conditions – these Terms and Conditions, setting out rules for the use of the Shop, in particular the rules for the conclusion of contracts of sale of the Goods offered by the Shop, the rules for performance thereof, and the rules of the complaint procedure.

5. User – a natural or a legal person, or an organisational unit without legal personality, who uses Shop functionalities.

6. Client – a User who has entered into contract of sale with the Seller.

7. Consumer – – a User being a natural person and performing a legal action with the Seller that is not directly related to the business or professional activity thereof, in particular entering into a contract of sale through the Shop.

8. User Account – each User’s individual panel activated therefor by the Seller (following User registration and conclusion of a contract for the provision of the User Account operation service), storing the data provided by the User upon User Account registration, with the establishment of a User Account not being required to use the Shop, including to view the Shop’s offer and to place orders.